Gilly’s Hotel, Convenience Store, Gas Station

Gilly’s is a combination motel, gas station, convenience store, car wash, and beauty salon. The convenience store carries snack food and drinks, as well as a lunch counter that includes menu items such as burritos, cold meat sandwiches, chicken strips and several side dishes. There are ten motel rooms and eight cabins available for rent. Each room contains two queen beds and there are trundle beds available for additional needs. One room has four beds.

Considering all there there is to do within 1 hour of Ferron, Utah, you could easily use Gilly’s for your launch-pad to the great outdoors. Gilly’s has become a central hub for the usual necessities for on-the-road, but with its comfortable lodging and amenities, it is becoming the “place to be” for sports and nature enthusiasts worldwide. Consider Joe’s Valley Bouldering for just one example of a local feature that draws pro’s from the world over. You could literally spend weeks here, and never see everything that the area has to offer. Why not spend a few days and find out for yourself!


Gilly’s offers a quiet stop for weary travelers for a brief stop for gas, and a pop or treat, or stop for a while and enjoy a hot sandwich, sub, burrito or any of a number of hot items ready to buy.



Why not sit and relax before heading back out on the road!



We offer the usual and the unusual for your quick stop or extended stay!