The Wedge Overlook – Little Grand Canyon

Be prepared to be amazed! The Wedge Overlook has some of the most breathtaking views in Utah. You’ll see a dizzying viewpoint of this fantastically eroded gorge. It overlooks the San Rafael River as it flows through the “Little Grand Canyon.” From the Wedge, travel east or west for more spectacular adventures. This is the perfect area for drivers, ATV riders, bicyclers or hikers.


The Little Grand Canyon, or the San Rafael Swell along the Virgin River is great for hiking. There is a trail at the far end of the above view that goes along the river and offers fantastic scenery. Learn more here: Utah’s Castle Country


The Wedge Overlook area has picnic tables, a modern restroom and ample parking, but is usually very quiet and allows meditative time to explore and climb around on the sandstone.

Maps are available at Gilly’s. Ask for directions we’ll be glad to help. The roads are good graded quality roads that are maintained well. Below, are some images of the canyon from the western side below, including the Virgin River that can be easily accessed. Good hiking is everywhere. Bring water!


Classic Utah Buttes with their stately presence.


The Virgin River at the lower entrance to the Little Grand Canyon.

Map to the Wedge: